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Mission of the Faculty of the Built Environment

The Faculty of the Built Environment (FGO) aims to train and education students to develop, construct, and renovate the generation of buildings and structures that consider human health as well as environmental and social impacts. Students will learn approaches from different fields of science, including engineering, wood and renewable materials science, ergonomics, ICT, design, and other related disciplines. Students will engage in classroom, research, and laboratory activities in their courses and will engage with the faculty’s wide international network that includes researchers from the USA, Argentina, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, the UK, and others. Graduates will be prepared to enter the work force in a variety of capacities or continue their academic careers at the Ph.D. level.

Vision of the Faculty of the Built Environment

The faculty's vision is to train the workers and researchers that will construct new built environments that include protection and interventions for human health, environmental health, and social wellbeing from design to execution. The faculty will continue to develop new degree programmes that prepare students for professional and academic careers in a wide variety of fields.